Being Energy Wise for the Earth’s Future

By : Antonius Ayodya
Editor : Fia Salsabila and Fania Ardelia

Lately, we found that our behavior these past centuries have left severe damage to the earth. The glaciers melt, the temperature rises, the middle east countries now have snow, the risk of wildfires increases, and the animals are now endangered. Climate change has affected us, in many ways, in the ways we never expected before.

Electricity is one of the main causes. As technology develops real fast and everything in life, slow but sure is handled by technology, the need for electricity rises. The bad and sad truth is that right now electricity is mainly produced by depleting natural resources. And this, however, damages the earth.

Saving the earth in this technology era can be tricky, but still possible. For example, stainless straw campaigns got so popular in just months, but sometimes people forget that a single stainless straw could still damage the earth, and even leave worse impact, if only used once or twice. A lot of research has been conducted to solve this problem and watching our energy usage is one of the most effective solutions. Cutting back our carbon emission, reducing our energy usage, do protect the air and prevent climate change. In daily life, there are a lot we can do personally. It is as simple as turning off the lamp when it is not used and replacing our electricity tools with the ones that save more energy. But for home businesses and large scale businesses, it would require a lot of effort, with unknown results. Then energy automation could help us to minimize the effort, and maximize the result.

Energy automation is achieved by involving technology in controlling our energy use. This includes electricity. A smart meter would enable us to know what is inside the cable all along, where it moves, and accurately plan our move to decrease our power usage. Not only that, it can also be used to remotely track our devices state, if it is on or off. A smart meter is a device that records the consumption of electricity and communicates it digitally, whether to our supplier, or to ourselves. Energy automation does not change our behavior towards power saving but it provides us data to make better decisions and plan in reducing our energy usage. So we can stay vigilant to our energy consumption. From the data we can precisely predict what can be done, even schedule our usage of electricity, and limit our daily usage.

As human beings, it is important for us to watch what we do.  As everything we do, has an impact on the earth. By doing a proper business and taking a further concern to climate changes, it will help us create a sustainable business and environment.

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