Optimizing your building energy usage

through IoT and AI

Valvoa is an apps and web platform for integrating multiple devices in various aspect of buildings to optimize their operations based on IoT and AI.

Everything connected with Internet of Things

and give better insights through AI


Clip-on device to track power consumption in any locations (room, equipment, machine, etc.) and real-time. Users can control their consumption based on detailed data, detect error, and get analytic suggestion to increase efficiency or savings possibility.


Manage water usage from the ground to end usage that also connected to electricity. Users can know pump and tank activities to track the flow, level, and switching time. 

Environment / HVAC

Control environment condition to increase hospitality and productivity for both human and machine. Users can collect data from temperature, humidity, and gas to adjust the best condition in sensitive locations or prevent disaster.

Gain the best decision properly

from multi-source data in one platform

Actionable insights

Analyze each energy usage and asset, give the best conclusion and transparent data.

Real time and historical data

Remotely access in anytime and any location

Fault management

Notify every malfunction that occur and early preventive maintenance.

Energy saving plan

AI-driven analytics to tell the saving possibilities and create sustainable actions.

Save time with remote checking and data record

Save money with efficient use and reduce operational cost

Save life with early risk detection


Cost Conversion

Valvoa provides electricity cost conversion by converting your electricity usage to price per KWh. This features helps you to calculate your electricity cost. Currently available in Rupiah (IDR).

Cost Prediction

Cost prediction features to predict your future electricity cost. Currently available in Rupiah (IDR).

Scheduling and Notification

To know how much you need to pay for certain time you set.


This feature allows you to access your data from various devices by using mobile application and web dashboard. You can monitor your electricity usage anywhere and anytime.

Downloadable Report

You can download the report in .pdf and spreadsheet format for your company’s monthly report.



Starts from
Rp 70.000 / month
/ device
  • Single phase sensor
  • Android Apps
  • Free server
  • Free support and maintenance


Starts from
Rp 230.000 / month
/ device
  • Three phase sensor
  • Apps and Web Dashboard
  • Free server
  • Free support and maintenance


Starts from
Rp 550.000 / month
/ device
  • Three phase sensor
  • Apps and Web Dashboard
  • Free server
  • Customizable for large building
  • Free support and maintenance

Let Valvoa helps your building optimized.