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As a technology and innovation company, we provide Internet of Things (IoT) based hardware and software for energy automation.

Our Products


Valvoa is an electricity monitoring device from Nusantera. This device offers three main values, they are efficiency, transparency, and user friendly. Valvoa helps every business enterprise, be it the small scale or even the large scale ones, reaching efficiency through the data it provides. Because efficiency will not only lead to lower electricity cost and lower monitoring effort, it will also lead to a better environment.

This device also equipped with integrated Android App and Web Dashboard so you can monitor your electricity usage easily and remotely.


Grhatera Smart Building is a hotel automation system developed by Grhatera and Nusantera. This product developed specifically for hotel and residential building.

Grhatera Smart Building consists of 4 subsystems :
– Clean, Raw, and Roof Tank Water Distribution
– Safety Kitchen and Gas Room Monitoring
– Master Control Fire Alarm (MCFA)
– Environment Monitoring

This device also equipped with integrated Android App and Web Dashboard with customizable users.

Our Portfolio

Smartlock for Bicycle

We made a smart lock system that was applied to bicycles. We combine Bluetooth, IoT and GPS technology in this smart lock system. Users can control the system via smartphone and monitor the location of the bike with GPS.

Healthcare and Hospital Management Information System

We build information management system and electronics medical record in hospital to ease and digitalize work process in hospital and we also made an aplication system to monitor health progress via smartband.

Intelligent Early Warning System

We develop intelligent Early Warning System to monitor dengue virus spreading using our environment sensor board and analyzing data to predict potential spread of the dengue virus.

Building Automation and Management System

Building Automation and Management System (BAMS) serves the building owner with monitoring on electrical, water system and gas system with IoT Technology. This Technology is suitable for building like hotel, apartement, and big office.

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