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What Nusantera can do for you?

AI-based IoT Solution

Multi protocol AI-powered IoT solution for a new experience. We help you reaching your optimal works efficiency by using our IoT and data analytics solution.

Software Development

We provide software development based solution such as mobile app and web dashboard to solve your problems.

System Integration

Increase your works efficiency by integrating your existing system and create better working experience.

Tech Consulting

Kindly talk to our team and we will help you to solve the problems.


Agriculture System

We build Internet of Things-based agriculture system and help farmers to monitor and control the growth of plants, leaves, and fruits.

Building and Environment

Building Automation and Management System

Building Automation and Management System (BAMS) serves the building owner with monitoring and controlling on electrical, water system and environment system with IoT Technology. This platform is suitable for building like hotel, apartement, and big office.


Smart Lock for Bicycle

We made a smart lock system that was applied to bicycles. We combine Bluetooth, IoT and GPS technology in this smart lock system. Users can control the system via smartphone and monitor the location of the bike with GPS.

Health and Wearable Device

Wearable Device

Health and people tracking system through smartband and apps for Hajj and Umrah

Hospital Management Information System

Hospital information management system and Electronics Medical Record (EMR) in to ease and digitalize work process in hospital.