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Nusantera Teknologi

Who We Are

Nusantera is a startup company established in 2018 that engaged in vendors and consultants making Internet-of-Things (IoT) based technology tools. We have a vision and mission to become an IoT based company by creating integrated smart systems that impact the society.

Future is Now

What We Do

"Providing benefits to the world through technological innovation."

Integrated Hardware-Software Solutions.




Our Clients


Smart Lock for Bicycle

We made a smart lock system that was applied to bicycles. We combine Bluetooth, IoT and GPS technology in this smart lock system. Users can control the system via smartphone and monitor the location of the bike with GPS.

Healthcare Software and Information System

Hospital Information and Management System
We build web-based hospital information management system and Electronics Medical Record to ease and digitalize every hospital work process. The hospital information system also provide non-medical things such as employee management, stock item management, etc. Our product is ready to integrate with BPJS.

Health Monitoring App
We made an application system to monitor user's health condition using smartband and integrate it to mobile application.

BMS & BAS System

BMS (Building Management System)
serves building owner with monitoring on electrical, fire alarm, water system, and gas system with IoT technology. This technology is suitable for building like hotel, apartement, and large office. Our product also provide building electrical energy efficiency and control building safety system protection such as fire alarm, flammable gas, and over-voltage protection.

BAS (Building Automation System)
is technology system to automate the building process with the environment parameters. We focus on automate lamp and air conditioner in the business.